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Aderan Wars - Free Online Mult

by Redpandaames

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were the leader of a country?

Would you lead your nation to into prosperity and superiority, or would it be a war torn country paying tribute to its enemies?

With rising popularity Aderan Wars is getting more and more attention. Advance your technology, forge alliances, organise yourselves, plan your battles, build an airforce, construct buildings and bomb your enemies, boost your strengths and exploit others weaknesses, gain fame and glory.

Aderan Wars has been officially released on 1.1.2009 and it is being improved continuously, new updates keep the game evolving just like real world evolves in time. Join Aderan Wars and see yourself how a new world is progressing through its evolution in front of your eyes.

This isn't just a game.
This is Aderan!

Register within 2 minutes, and start playing now!