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The Easiest Bosses in OSRS

Here’s everything you need to know about getting started in PvM in OSRS.

There are many bosses in OSRS; some you can access only through slayer tasks, some you can only encounter sporadically with particular requirements, and some are available at your discretion. Regardless of what boss you choose to kill, the main reason to do it is profit. You can get a lot of OSRS gold fast from many bosses. However, certain bosses might drain your OSRS GP if you're using too many consumables and spending more than you receive. Often this is the case if your stats are not high enough so that you can get enough kills per hour.

Bosses are strong monsters with high stats and usually require specific mechanics to be killed. In OSRS, there are two main types of bosses: combat bosses and non-combat bosses. Naturally, the higher your stats are, the easier it is to kill a particular boss, with one exception. Killing the Wintertodt at lower Hitpoints (HP) levels can be easier than at higher HP levels. This is because of how the cold damage works. Doing it at a lower level might be counterintuitive from the perspective of the OSRS gold you can obtain since its drops are related to your levels. Besides the Wintertodt, all other bosses become more accessible as you OSRS power leveling up. Some are even impossible beneath a certain level. Assuming your stats are high and you are soloing these bosses, these are the most accessible bosses in OSRS. You can kill them to get a good amount of OSRS GP per hour.

The Kraken

The Kraken is by far the most straightforward boss in OSRS. You go to the Kraken Cove, enter the Kraken layer, throw a fishing explosive on the Kraken pool to disturb the Kraken, and wait for it to die. The Kraken is vulnerable to magic and attacks with typeless magic, meaning you cannot use protection prayers against its attacks. Take magic defense and magic attack gear and an inventory filled with fishing explosive (it’s stackable) and food

You will also need some teleports for easy bank / restock trips. You might need to eat some food while killing it, but preferably, you will do it in between the kills. As mechanically simple as the Kraken is, you can only kill it on a Slayer task, and you will need an unbootable Slayer level of 87 to start receiving Kraken tasks. You can also spend some Slayer points to extend the Kraken task, which is worth it since the Kraken has four unique drops. Depending on your gear set-up, levels, and luck, the estimated profit is around one million OSRS GP per hour.

Dagannoth Rex

Dagannoth Rex is the melee boss from the trio of Dagannoth Kings. Interestingly, Rex in Latin means King, so he is the true King of the Dagannoths. This makes perfect sense if you think about how easy it is to kill him and that the other two bosses seem to be there to protect him. Like the Kraken, Rex is also vulnerable to magic, so his magic defense stats are not the best. This means you don’t need a magic attack damage bonus to kill him, and you can wear tank gear and a magic staff. To solo Rex, you’ll need to lure him to the northeast corner of the room while having the protection from melee prayer activated and then retreat to the safe spot. Once in the safe spot, you can stop Praying and keep hitting him. You don’t need to move, nor is it recommended, as the other two Kings might spot you. The downside is that his respawn time is over a minute. Getting to his room is pretty much all the difficulty you’ll face. The estimated profit is 700 thousand OSRS GP per hour.


Skotizo is another easy boss. He attacks with magic and melee, and you will have to pray-protect against one of his attacks while tanking the other. Gear appropriately for what you plan on tanking. You'll need to kill the eyes on the north, south, east, and west once they open because they increase his defense. He will spawn some minions that attack with melee, but you can ignore them and focus on Skotizo. You can kill him on a Black Demon Slayer task and use an Archlight on him. His drops are pretty valuable, so you can get a bit of OSRS gold by killing him, but he's not a great money maker since you can only encounter him with a dark totem. He is an excellent source of Elite and hard clue scrolls, however.


Sarachnis is one of the easiest bosses, even though she is more complex mechanically. She will help you learn to switch Prayers as you will have to alternate between Protect from Melee and Protect from Range when killing her, and, similarly to Skotizo, she spawns monsters to come to aid her. Unlike Skotizo's spawns strategy, it is better that you kill at least the magic spider. She can be a great source of OSRS GP, especially since you can get multiple kills per trip. She also has a high chance of dropping a Grubby Key, which you can either sell for more OSRS Gold or use on the chest in the southwest Forthos dungeon. She is vulnerable to crush attacks, so it's best to use melee attacks when fighting her. It’s estimated that you can get around 600 thousand OSRS GP per hour while killing Sarachnis.

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