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RuneScape 3 Ironman General Guide

RuneScape 3 Ironman Guide and how to easily earn RS3 gold

A general guide on how to get through Ironman Mode

RuneScape 3 is considered the more accessible game compared to Old School RuneScape. And rightfully so, playing Old School RuneScape is like having a second job. It is so much grinding to get where you want to be. However, RuneScape 3 plays more like a traditional MMORPG. So people who are familiar with World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, or Guild Wars 2 will be a lot more comfortable with RuneScape 3. RuneScape 3 is accessible and much more casual friendly.

With that said, there are certainly ways to make the game more challenging and rewarding to play. If you are a RuneScape veteran or love a much more hardcore experience, then Ironman Mode is for you. There are two versions for Ironman Mode: Ironman and Hardcore Ironman.

Let's jump into the details of Ironman Mode and the best tips to make progress.

What Is Ironman and Hardcore Ironman?

Ironman Mode is similar to Solo Self-Found Mode in Path of Exile. You will need to find all the gear yourself. There is no trading with other players, and XP can be harder to earn. This is a problem if you want to collect RuneScape gold over time. With no trading or interacting with other players, your character will not be at its best due to using mediocre gear.

Here are some other changes in Ironman Mode:

  • Any group abilities or spells cast by an Ironman player will only affect the caster.
  • Combat XP is reduced if you do less than 100% of the damage needed to kill an enemy.
  • Daily challenge rewards and Clan Citadel XP are reduced.

These are just some big ones; there are a lot of other changes as well. It would help if you got used to playing alone because this is what Ironman Mode is.

Then there is Hardcore Ironman Mode. This is the ultimate RuneScape challenge. You or other players should take their time and pick their battles because death in Hardcore Ironman mode is permanent. Your character will be gone and can't be used again. It doesn't matter if you died to lag or server issues; your character is done.

Early Game Tips and Strategies

Before I start getting into the early game tips, it is essential to know that there is no exact path to follow to progress through the game in Ironman Mode. The following tips are just general guidelines and tips to be aware of.

First, players should skip tutorial island if they are already a veteran. If not, then feel free to complete it. A second tip is to meet your daily skill challenges when possible. Completing these each day will grant some XP for the craft and rewards. This goes into the next tip, one of the most important things to do in Ironman mode is to complete quests. A lot of inquiries offer various valuable rewards. For example, "The Jack of Spades" quest will open up another city that the player can use.

Other quests will grant the player a lot of experience in their skills. In Ironman Mode, it is essential to level up your skills. For combat and gathering, you can make Runescape items to use or sell them to merchants for RS3 gold. The best way to make money in the early game is by leveling, completing quests, and pickpocketing the Gullible Tourist. She doesn't require any thieving level to pickpocket her.

The early game is simple; complete easy low-level quests that give access to cities and XP to skills and complete your daily challenges. Remember to level up all skills, especially cooking, which allows you to cook meat to eat so you can heal yourself. This is important if you are playing on Hardcore Ironman Mode.

Mid Game Tips and Strategies

If you have been completing quests and doing your daily challenges, your skills should be looking good right now. You should be at a good midpoint right now. Thankfully, this isn't much different from the early game. Except this is the point where you will be unlocking some prayers and spellbooks. You will also focus on leveling up all of your skills to around 75.

Keep doing your daily challenges and completing quests that give your skills experience or experience. Once you start feeling confident with your gear and skill levels, you should start doing the daily, weekly, and monthly quests and challenges.

You should be doing safecracking to make money at this stage; sure, there are other options, but this may be the safest option, especially if you are looking to get more RS gold. Safecracking requires 62 Thieves and completing the capers in the Thieves' Guild.

Late Game Tips and Strategies

The late game is probably the simplest to understand but is also the most dangerous. Once you hit the late game, you will mostly do boss runs to earn experience and rewards like Runescape gold and items. It is best to start with the easier bosses that have simple mechanics. If you aren't feeling too confident yet, King Black Dragon and the combat mini-game Barrows are good places to start.


In short, this is just a general guideline for Ironman Mode. A complete guide to Ironman Mode would be massive. However, it is best to start in the non-hardcore version of Ironman Mode. Even if you die, there is no pressure of losing the character you worked so hard on. I hope this guide has given you a general idea of what to do. Just follow and complete quests in the area, complete your dailies/weeklies/monthlies, and be sure to level up your skills and you are good to go.