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Launch of Skirmish Picaroon

by Picaroon
Nice Technology is pleased to present Skirmish Picaroon, the second of three wonderful ways to play Picaroon. A beta version is now available at http://www.picaroonthegame.com Skirmish is a real tribute to the very origins of real-time-strategy only without the modems and unreliable phone connections! Configure your own server to your own specification and play with a select group of players in games running from one to four hours. Ideal for clans, LAN parties, alliances and casual gamers, it offers the strategic thrills of Picaroon condensed into a fraction of the time. Got an hour or two to spare? Skirmish could be for you: get straight into the action, playing as much Picaroon as you want, when you want. Play with your friends, random Picarooners or your existing clan/alliance. \"We're particularly proud of Skirmish Picaroon\", said Toby Simpson the Producer of Picaroon, \"as a way of playing a game of Picaroon in an evening it's perfect. With Skirmish, Classic and the upcoming Persistent Picaroon, we reckon we've got a game that appeals to all kinds of strategy player.\" You configure your own server including number of players, game duration, initial fleet setup, along with other settings to ensure that each game is just right. You can use specials earned from Classic Picaroon as well as ones that can be purchased with Doubloons from the Picaroon shop. For good measure, there are a number of customised \"Skirmish specials\" that help speed things along so that fleets of destruction are roaming the oceans right from the outset. What's next? Nice Technology are constantly working on ways to improve the game experience. Look out for new updates that will include customisable units and flags - allowing you to unleash your creativity. To top it off, the third way to play, Persistent Picaroon, will enter open beta in early Spring: retaining a position in this perpetual world presents the ultimate challenge! About Picaroon Picaroon is a persistent real-time strategy game set on a water world of the future where empires hold on to what land they can with vast sea battles. Start with one island, gather resources to construct fleets and explore the open oceans to find new territories. Some will be deserted and others occupied by pirates, allies or enemies. Choose your tactics and any specials (virtual cards that give extra defensive and offensive capabilities) that you might have amassed and expand your empire through diplomacy and... other methods! Skirmish Picaroon lasts hours, Classic Picaroon lasts a couple of weeks, and Persistent Picaroon months or even longer: one game, three great ways to play. Picaroon is presented in full 3D and runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and is in open beta now. Download: http://www.picaroonthegame.com Follow Picaroon on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Picaroonthegame/148115005201228