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Changes For New Players

by lindhsky
Heroes Of The Clan have changed a lot to make the experience more enjoyable for new players. - A newly made tutorial that new players can read whenever they want. - When the clan is created they get resource-gatherers, resources and 500 gold. This gives a new player a chance to try out the craftingsystem and to equip his/her heroes with newly crafted gear. It also gives them a steady income of resources every day. The gold can be used to skill up in crafting, buy more resource-gatherers or perhaps visit the markets for already crafted gear. They can even buy a ship so that they can go on quick expeditions to get ingredients that they can put on their crafted gear. - Favourpoints. To get to know the leadership-system new players also get favourpoints which is used to skill up the leadership abilities. - VIP-status for seven days. More actionpoints every hour and a higher cap for the casual player. - Tactic is set for heroes based on class for both soloplay and clan vs clan battles. This gives new players a chance to concentrate on other stuff early on instead of having to worry about setting tactic for every hero. - More Knights and Soldiers giving new clans a chance to help out their faction in the War that goes on between Andor and Namur. - Matchsystem. A new matchsystem is made to make sure that new players will face heroes that are within their level in duels. In skirmishes (5 vs 5) new clans only face clans with low winning-percent early on. The game has also added a lot of features the last couple of months and it's free so make sure you check it out.