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by mystik

Become the champion you were born to be! Defend the Kingdom of Algadon by battling horrific beasts and jealous rivals. Conquer your deepest fears, and earn the admiration of the people and the respect of your king. 


Choose weapons, armor, and mystical relics that will aid you on your path to greatness.  Grow stronger, wiser, and skillful with powerful items becoming available as your press deeper into the unknown to complete missions. 


Feel the scorching heat of powerful ancient relics, amplifying your skills and projecting your power to make you the dominant force in the Kingdom of Algadon! 


You have choices: elect to join a clan, lead one of your own, or quest solo! Advance at your own pace, and grow stronger and more powerful with each stride! Stand your ground – Draw your blade – Cast your spell – Hide in the shadows – Face your demons! Fortune favors the bold! Contests and events take place regularly, and active participation is always rewarded!