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Assassin’s Guide

by adamskydancer

-Author: Phantom

Why assassin?
Assassins have mediocre health and do average damage but possess high speed and evasion.  If you enjoy seeing enemies constantly miss attacking you or your assassin attacking enemies twice before they can respond, you should choose to play as an assassin.
What stats are important?
Agility, Agility, Agility.
Then maybe some Stamina.
Put most if not all attribute points into agility. This will help you max out your killing and evasive potential. If you find yourself a bit low in health, then you may consider putting some points into stamina. I’ll not give any particular attribute build such as 4agi/1stamina because your attribute needs are heavily dependent on your equipment.
What skills to invest in?
LVL 1-30
Disturb 9/9
Focus 2/9
Jab 9/9
Extra Wield 8/9
LVL 30~ (IMPORTANT! Before turning LVL 31, reset your skills, so that you have the following skills!)
Disturb 9/9
Focus 9/9
Extra Wield 5/9
Jab 6/9
Blade Illusion 1/9
LVL 31+
At this point, you should have a good feel of what playing an assassin is like.  If you want to make your assassin deal more formidable damage but less evasive, get Assault and then Phantom strike. If you want to make your assassin more evasive and cripple your enemies even more, get Maim followed by Meteor Strike.
Blade Illusion 9/9
Agile 9/9
Assault/Maim 9/9
Phantom Strike/Meteor Strike 9/9
Important Notes in Skills Investment*
Entwine and Haste does not work as shown. Entwine only increase enemy attack time by 0.2 seconds. Haste decrease your attack time by 0.2 seconds. They are not even close to the 20% decrease/increase attack time shown for these skills!
Conclusion: Don’t bother using them until the developers fix this! Go bother the GHs and complain to the developers to fix them!
Poison is only good for instances and killing tank warriors with lots of health. If that is not your cup of tea, don’t get it. Or if you are going for Uprush, get only 7 LVLs of Poison.
No Secondary Skills recommendation?
Currently, there is no secondary skill recommended because Haste and Entwine do not work (refer to above). Poison has limited uses. Weaken still needs to be tested whether its effect actually works. At this point, I can only recommend just getting the minimal required Haste/Poison to get Uprush or Entwine/Weaken to get Evade.
What +attribute gear should I get?
Ranking of Importance. (Top being the most important)
What +effect gear should I get?
Ranking of Importance. (Top being the most important)
+% Spell Resist
+%HP Leach/+%HP
+% Melee Damage/+% attack speed
+%MP Leach/+% Defense
Rest of +%
Q. What is an assassin’s fury?
A. Fury is an assassin’s Fatal Strike. (It’s bad programming on behalf of the developers. They named it
after a warrior’s skill.)
Q. What is palsy?
A. It prevents your enemy from taking any action during that specific time period.
Q. How long does the sub-effect of Assault last?
A. It only applies to that specific Assault.
Q. Does the %damage for Poison apply to current HP or total HP?
A.  Total HP
Q. I still have a question on…
A. Search around on forums, go ask a Game Helper in game, or empower yourself by solving your own question and share your findings!
Side Notes~
Assassin’s Meteor Strike skill is definitely named wrong. Meteor Strike should be a name after a fire mage skill. (Like Burning Meteors??) I guess the developers just made another error. Hopefully, the skill works as it should.

Thanks for Reading! Hope this helped.
If you have any suggestions/comments, please message me in game or reply to this guide.
You can also help me by testing if Weaken works as it should and telling me about the results. That would be super helpful!
For those who want to see a picture of my skill distribution for my current LVL 36 Assassin.