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Astonia Reborn

by astoniareborn

Astonia Reborn is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG. Players join the forces of the Astonian Imperial Army as a Warrior or Mage to train for battle, and protect their world against the invading demon horde. Characters gain rank and power, qualifying them for better and more powerful equipment and later have the opportunity to become a member of the legendary Seyan’Du and broaden their skill set.

Each character has the opportunity to find, design and enhance their own equipment, with hundreds of different items available to be found. Characters may take on different professions to help them create and repair their equipment, concoct potions to increase their skills or simply to receive favor with shopkeepers.

Players are offered the chance to raise their skills however they wish, allowing for a wide range of character builds with just a few class options. All players of Astonia Reborn have the choice to join clans that have been created and run by other players, to participate in clan arenas for bonuses, and start wars to raid other clans for glory.

Astonia Reborn is created with a 2D isometric engine that runs on virtually any computer and even with limited internet connection.