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BTO to Launch “The Hamptons” on April 14th

by wendyteng

DOVOGAME has announced that a new server called “The Hamptons” is to be launched at 05:00 a.m. PDT, April 14th, 2010. This will be the 8th server Business Tycoon Online has launched since its open beta. Business Tycoon Online is a business simulation browser game that has won over gamers with its novel concept and intuitive gameplay along with complexities never before seen in a browser game. This has led to over 600,000 active players across multiple countries, a number that is growing bigger each day.
DOVOGAME’s goal has been to bring the idea of that “You can build your business dreams on Business Tycoon Online” to all players. Never has this been truer than on the newest server “The Hamptons”. Players who sign up on “The Hamptons” will start a new journey in Liberty City as entrepreneurs and have to answer all the challenges of a business tycoon, such as establishing stores, hiring employees, building up a company, setting up a guild, running for office and competing with other fierce tycoons, all of who are trying to be the best . Will you be the first Top-level Executive or Senior Chairman on the server?
At the same time, to thank players’ for their continuous support and understanding of Business Tycoon Online, DOVOGAME has prepared 3 grand activities for all players on “The Hamptons” besides the tremendous benefits for new players. Rewards are available for everything from registering an account to starting a company, they include a VIP card (30 days), Company Upgrade Package and up to 1,000 Gold! Don’t miss out on the golden opportunity to jump start your way to the top of Business Tycoon Online!
For more info, please click the links below:
Get your business dreams started at Business Tycoon Online! Join “The Hamptons” and show your talent right now!
Business Tycoon Online official site: http://bto.dovogame.com/
Business Tycoon Online forum: http://btobbs.dovogame.com/