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Business Tycoon Get You

by wendyteng

In this expanding browser game market, besides launching classic games, all companies are seeking for new ideas. Browser games become quite hot. In 2009, DOVOGAME launched "Business Tycoon Online", a MMO business simulation browser game, and thus confirmed their leadership in browser game market.

Business Tycoon Online is Sweeping across the Globe

Business Tycoon Online received mountains of praises and supports beyond imagination on its releasing. This business simulation game made unprecedented success in a very short time. By the beginning of 2010, Business Tycoon Online has attracted over 30,000,000 players and made the record of 1,000,000 Peak Concurrent Users. It has agencies in many countries and regions. Business Tycoon Online is regarded as the No.1 business simulation browser game in the world.

Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online Sets up its Dream on Euro and US Market

As one top browser game, Business Tycoon Online is featured by its no download and installation. A common browser is all it requires. What's more, it is free forever. Since the second month of its landing in America, every of its new server has received a large amount of admirers swarming into and expressing their enthusiasm.

Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online Puts You into a Cruel Business World

In Business Tycoon Online, players act as entrepreneurs with hopes and enthusiasm. They have struggled alone in competitive "Liberty City", establishing stores and expanding businesses. Finally, they will win great amount of honors and respects. However, the process is quite hard. Players have to keep alert of opponents' attack, keep good relations with other tycoons and run for elections in City Hall in this vivid business world. Business Tycoon Online persists in creating the most professional experience.

Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online Pursues to create a most professional environment.

Brown background, brief and clear interface, and various industries, Business Tycoon Online makes everything vivid. In Liberty City, there are Factory system, Travel System, Landmark System, the City Hall System, Guild System and much more for players. Meanwhile, Business Tycoon Online keeps updating to provide players a better environment.

Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online official site: http://bto.dovogame.com

Business Tycoon Online forum: http://btobbs.dovogame.com