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Business Tycoon Online: “Help Bell” project to be

by wendyteng

DOVOGAME has announced yet another brand new and exciting activity, set to be launched in next week on Business Tycoon Online. The activity is introduced with the back story of a local scientist named Bell: “Bell is eager to bring his exciting item combination technology to the citizens of Liberty City. Unfortunately, he doesn’t possess sufficient equipment to finalize his research. He appeals to the Mayor, who, immediately seeing the benefits of the technology, proposes a “Help Bell” project, appealing to local tycoons. Tycoons can donate the necessary equipment needed for the research, and in return, gain various rewards from the Mayor. The Mayor is confident the project will succeed, with all parties benefiting from this proposal. After sufficient equipment has been donated, who knows what this exciting technology could bring to the tycoons of Liberty City…” In the Fun Fair section, players can donate flasks (Silver, Gold & Diamond), and receive various rewards. Up for grabs include Millions of TCN, Store Upgrade Points, and even 999 Gold! With a new way to bring luxury rewards to the players, DOVOGAME has worked an exciting and intriguing storyline into the popular browser game. With the promise of a follow up to the story, it seems we are on the brink of yet another exciting new feature set to be introduced to the game. Be sure to check out the Official BTO site at http://bto.dovogame.com/ for more information on this new feature as well as other BTO news.