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Business Tycoon Online Releases New Store Cleanlin

by wendyteng

Because cleanliness is next to godliness and because no one likes to enter a dirty store, Business Tycoon Online has released its new system---The Store Cleanliness System. Every store has a Cleanliness Value, indicating how clean the store is. Cleanliness Value can affect a stores’ revenue both positively and negatively. In this new system, a player can assign his employees to mess up others stores with rotten eggs.


The cap of Cleanliness is 1,000 and it will cause a revenue bonus of 20%. Cleanliness ranging from 750-990 will not bring any bonus to store revenues. If a stores’ Cleanliness keeps declining, the stores’ revenues will decline too, all the way to a maximum of 40%. Uncleanness can be a damaging strike to anyone’s company.


Detailed information about the Store Cleanliness System


  1. If you want to clean your stores, you can access the detailed info page of a store by clicking the “Clean” button at the right hand corner of a stores details page. Also, you can do mass cleaning for stores by dividing the stores’ Cleanliness Values.


  1. Players can also clean or mess up other players stores. There is a button “Clean” on the detailed info page of stores. Click on it and you can find multiple different actions. Types of actions increase with a players’ Charm Value, meaning you can not only “throwing eggs” at other stores but also “Smear”, “Brick” or “Smash” others’ stores.


  1. You can clean your own stores as many times as you like, but there is a limited chance to clean or mess up other players stores. Upgrading your Charm will result in an increase in cleaning and messing up methods.


  1. It is certainly risky to mess up other players stores. All the actions you do will be recorded in “Secty-Notification”. You will 100% be caught if there is a Flying Guards in the store you try to mess up and will be fined 4 Charm Points and twice of cost of cleaning the store. And be careful, you can also get randomly caught and fined by the game!


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