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Business Tycoon Propose

by wendyteng
The release of Server 5 "Times Square" announced a new beginning of Business Tycoon Online in US market.

The release of Server 5 "Times Square" announced a new beginning of Business Tycoon Online in US market. Business Tycoon Online, the most popular business simulation game in the world, has been confirmed its leadership position in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries. What's more, Business Tycoon Online received mountains of favors and supports in Europe and America. It makes great success against such a severe economical environment, with its players increasing all the time.

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Economic system is quite common in nowadays MMO games, which decides the whole balance and future of a game. And it is more than that to Business Tycoon Online. In such a virtual commercial world where money and company strength are everything, the functions of an economic system is much more important. Judging by its popularity, Business Tycoon Online is overwhelmingly charming.


Wealth Stands for Achievements

Usually, wealth is often get depreciated in any online games, especially online games requiring money. Players produce wealth by themselves at no cost at all. Thus, the economic system loses its balance. In Business Tycoon Online, how much wealth one owes means how achieved a player is. To some degree, wealth in Business Tycoon Online is quite similar to "Character Grade" in other PRG games, embodying how powerful one is. Business Tycoon Online is a good choice for those who are eager to have own business. Its innovative economic system is worthy of a try.

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The whole Economy's Future is in Your Hand

Selecting an industry, establishing a store, purchasing, recruiting, expanding and finally making a clear blueprint, in Business Tycoon Online, to create a business is just that simple and easy. However, the game just begins here. The real challenge lies in how to expand one's business, build up positive relations with others and make good use of them. What is the most important is to set up a guild of one's own. At that moment, one would possibly control the future of the economy in Liberty City, regulating monopoly or stablizing the society. One will enjoy extreme pleasure in Business Tycoon Online.


Diverse and Flexible Game-play Help Relieve Inflation in Economic System

Online games are often challenged by inflation. Players creating more wealth than virtual goods results in depreciation in wealth. Accordingly, price of virtual goods rises. Considering this, Business Tycoon Online adopts a consuming system. After a player becomes CEO of multi-national or even universal company, one owes more than 50 stores and makes a profit more than 100,000,000 TCN a day. How to spend such large amount of wealth? In Business Tycoon Online, one may go to donate, invest or run for an election in City Hall. In this way, players can also enjoy the exciting experience of planning and spending.

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All in all, under this new concept, Business Tycoon Online helps one create his business on internet and start a new life in business world. Its concept as well as its economic systems deserves your carefully studying and understanding.

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