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Business Tycoon to Laun

by wendyteng

DOVOGAME is to launch the sixth server "Fort Knox" at 08:00 am PDT March 15th. The legendary "Fort Knox" holds about 4,570 ton gold strips and a large amount of secret treasures. It is said to be the "safest" place in America together with "Air Force One", a plane for USA presidents. Now, Fort Knox is opening its gate to all those who will never feel tired of wealth, position, power and business.

To thanks for players ' consistent supports and enthusiasm, DOVOGAME decides to keep the main 7 activities on as a way for players to get their start-up funds. All players that settle on "Fort Knox" will probably get VIP Card (30 days), Company Upgrade Package and up to 1,000 Gold. Stop hesitating! Rush to show your talents!

Click the link below to get details of the 7 activities


Activity 1 Three Registration Gifts for All Players

As long as he creates a character on "Fort Knox", one will get 50,000 TCN, a VIP Card (30 days) and a Motorcycle. Besides, one will get another 50 Gratis Gold for finishing the first 4 quests. Meanwhile, one will get up to 100 Gratis Gold for log in three days successively.

Activity 2 Top Rewards for Top Ranks

A large amount of Gold has been prepared for the top 10 players in Company Ranking. Respectively, players of the first three places will get 1,000 Gold, 600 Gold and 400 Gold.

Activity 3 Double Store Upgrade Points

During this activity, Store Upgrade Points will be available 1 point every 2 hours rather than 4 hours. In this way, players can expand their business much faster.

Activity 4 Double Routine Rewards

Rewards for routine tasks doubles in the first three days.

Activity 5 Win the Campaign in City Hall

Undoubtedly, Competitions and Impeachment will be very intense in City Hall. As long as he succeeds in holding his position in City Hall until the event ends, one will be rewarded with a large number of Bricks, Voting Tickets and Medals that will increase stores' revenue.

Activity 6 Super Rewards for Guild Upgrade

Mayor Bryan prepares abundant rewards for those who are dedicated to upgrade their guilds and make great contribution on them. Guild members will get rewards including a large amount of Bricks and precious Diamond Keys.

Activity 7 Luxury Package for Company Upgrade

Players who upgrade their companies will get a generous package as a reward, which contains numerous Tycoins, Gold Contracts, Moving Companies, Loyal Employee Card and so on. These items will function a lot during company upgrading. Rush to get now!

Your dreams start from Business Tycoon Online. Now, it's time to create your business empire in "Fort Knox", the most secure place in the world!

Business Tycoon Online official site: http://bto.dovogame.com/

Business Tycoon Online forum http://btobbs.dovogame.com/