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Castlot is a fully animated, multi-player online role playing game that is set to launch this coming August. Players can interact with each other, team up to explore the uncharted lands and battle for glory. As a web based game, there isn’t a need for client downloads, registration is easy, and requirements are low so that the game is easily accessible and can be played anywhere.

It introduces multiple unprecedented features to enhance gameplay, such as Goblins and Framing system, various troop types and more.


1. Turn-based and Real-Time

Players not only experience the traditional turn-based combat mode found in many other browser-based MMORPGs, but also a highly realistic and powerful real-time combat mode. With the help of a smart tutorial, you can control your own avatar in the game with ease and battle against your enemy in real time!


2. Battle System

The battle system is well designed to avoid the emergence of various types of unfairness and unbalance. A multi-troops and multi-racial situation in Castlot offers players more options with arms. Raid, siege, looting, and attacking in a variety of ways allow the players to maximize the more favorable choice in war tactics. In Castlot, you will never fight alone; the league system will be your strong support.


3. Map System

The map system in Castlot has been modified and improved in reference to many similar browser games existing in the market. In its newly designed map, players can always see their league’s status, personal castle, and other players’ stats in the region. If you are familiar with Google earth map, then you will have no trouble using the "Castlot" map.


There are many other exciting features waiting for you to explore. As the name implies, Castlot will offer you the chance to decide your own lot!