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by CrimeCity

CrimeCity Story

It all started in Italy, Prati on Christmas eve 1970 when a chemical company owner, Mr. David hired a assassin whose name was Antonio to kill one of his employees who kidnapped his daughter, Elizabeth. First of all, that employee named Brian was working for Mr. David with honesty and loyalty but he got sick due to exposure to a chemical because the company didn’t provide them proper precautions. So, he demanded Mr. David to pay for his treatment but he fired him instead. Brian then planned with his friend to kidnap Elizabeth and ask for money. Mr. David wanted to kill him because he was asking for almost half of his worth and he didn’t want to pay for his daughter this much money as he was a very greedy man.

Antonio took almost 20000$ amount to kill him. He brought his gang with him and went to the place where Brian kept Elizabeth. They rescued Elizabeth but didn’t tell Mr. David about this. One of his gang members knew about Mr. David’s history and how he was turning his black money into white through this chemical company as he was also into smuggling different stuff across the border. Mr. David owned cocaine factories and also smuggle them across the border. So, the gang member advised Antonio that after killing Brian they should blackmail him and can get more money from his as well. Antonio said to his partner “But we need time for this”

“I got a plan” his gang member said. Then the gang member asked Antonio to tell Mr. David that they didn’t find Elizabeth yet and they need more resources and money. So, they kept her after killing Brian. Every day they left the place where they kept Elizabeth before dawn and also gave her drugs so she couldn’t remember anything. They went to his cocaine factories and took all the information needed. Almost after one week, Antonio called Mr. David to meet him in an abandon place alone but Mr. David came to meet him with his security guards who were already hiding in that place. Antonio also brought Elizabeth along with his gang. He tied up Elizabeth in ropes. Antonio told David here that he knows everything about his black money business and how he is turning his black money into white. So, he demanded David to give him one of his cocaine factories. David passed him a smile and then all of his guards came out of woods and start firing at them. Antonio gang was not prepared for this so they lost the fight and ran away saving their lives.

First, to get money for their use they stole people’s cars and raid different jewelry and other stuff shops as well. From this money, they built their gang even stronger.

So, they planned to raid his factory and steal all the cocaine. They first went to one of his places near the border where his employees smuggle cocaine across the border. They raided that place first and killed all of his man and get the cocaine by themselves. They sold the cocaine to another party the same night and got all the money. They bought better guns and also a better place for themselves where police risk will be low. After a week they raid another place just like that and applied the same strategy. They got rich. Then they planned to raid the factory instead of raiding his small shelters. They bribed his employees working in the factory and those who did not take the money they killed them and took over his factory.

Mr. David asked Antonio to meet him and gave him his property back. Antonio got angry about the last incident when David tried to kill him. Antonio agreed to meet him. During meeting, Antonio pointed all of his gang members against him that he built during all of this. David’s guards and Antonio’s gang had a huge fight. In the end Antonio killed David and said to his guards that if they want to live then they can join him or else they have to die. Antonio took over all of his property and became the mafia King.


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