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Dead Earth

by DeadEarth

Dead Earth is a Massive Multi-player online game. You play as a corporation trying to control the asteroid belt one hundred years in the future. Research tech, upgrade your bases and expand your corporate Empire with fleets of ships, while seeing off threats from other corporations and factions.

A gold rush started in 2098 with more advanced spacecraft engines and little resource corporations began exploring the solar system to get resources for the teaming masses on Earth. Earth a once beautiful planet that had become a barren world with little wild life, regular flooding in some parts and massive hot baking deserts in others. The Corporations quickly set up space stations around the solar system guarding various different resource including mineral rich asteroids and moons.

Soon paying customers began to come into space to start new lives on planets, moons and asteroids throughout the solar system.

All of this made the corporations rich. However this was not enough and the Corporations wanted to dominate the solar system, so many began to fight amongst themselves to carve out empires within the solar system. Soon some of the corporations where controlling whole planetary systems. Earths weakened governments tried to stop this through the UN, but many of the UN peacekeeping ships where outmatched by the rich corporation ships and swiftly crushed.

The Corporations having long ago abandoned Earth to its fate saw little reason why they should tie themselves to the rules of this doomed world, and had began to set up sponsored colonies of their own within their own territory to give them a guaranteed long-term workforce.

The UN failed to restore order to the entire solar system, but managed to control the space around low Earth orbit, and stop the stealing of what little remains of Earth's resources. Some argued that they should stop the Corporations imports however the planet is so reliant on these imports that it was projected that if this did happen more than half of the Earth's population would die of starvation and basic needs in less than two months.

The only group on Earth who acted against this state of affairs was the communists. The communists stole from governments on Earth and using old materials built space ships on bases all over Earth. These ships had one mission to take back space for the people. Then on the 25th of October 2103, they all took off at once. It was said that there was over a thousand vessels making up the fleet. The UN didn't dare stand in the way and simply flew aside.

The ships headed straight for the moon and the rich mineral deposits there. This was jealously guarded by the Microogle Corporation. The Microogle Corporation scrambled their ships but they could barely bring together fifty ships but even so they managed to inflict heavy casualties on the communists before being driven out.

The communists landed ground troops and quickly overwhelmed the bases defenders most of whom quickly surrender. The head of the corporation Yates was captured and brought before the Peoples Committee and sentenced to death for betraying the human race. But before his sentence could be carried out his communist guards whisked him away, with apparently large pay offs. He escaped with the battered remnants of his Corporation.

The Microogle Corporation is now licking its wounds and planning its revenge. However it may be a long time before it returns as it was not strong enough to take territory from any established corporations so had to start a fresh in the freezing expanse of the Kuiper belt.

The rest of the Corporations have increased their production of warships and now regularly attack the communist bases on the moon. The solar system is now at war.