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Eraversum is a modern strategic online web browser game set uniquely on the boundary between science – fiction and fantasy within the mysterious and unexplored Milky Way galaxy of the future.

One small click for now but one giant leap for the future!
The registration into the game itself is very easy and does not take more than two minutes. It is FREE of charge; the players are not forced to pay any money. The game is turn-based and its default language is English. Eraversum is also accessible to players from the whole world and while playing is it necessary to obey only several obvious rules.

The Choice ...
Every player is offered to join one of nine major galactic superpowers when registering. The superpower (or also a power, race etc.) is an advanced fictional space nation with a long tradition which significantly influences the course of events in the galaxy. Each major galactic nation is unique and peerless. It is the player’s choice if he prefers to build an expansive militaristic empire or if he trusts firmly in pacifism – if the player tries to spread an enormous cultural influence, if he becomes an elite merchant or if he decides to break the limits of contemporary sciences. It is only his choice which way he chooses. However, one thing do all the races have in common – deeply elaborated history and setting background which subtly comprehends various world’s legends, theories and myths.

Welcome, Stranger!
Every race possesses special buildings producing three basic game commodities – metal, fuel and credits, the most widespread galactic currency. Each race is equipped with compelling economic advantages and its own unique military units. Beyond that, it controls so called Central Planet, an imaginary capital city providing various benefits to the game play. This Central Planet can be conquered by another  

The Fun Begins!
The fundamental objective of each race is to win the Era. The winning race may get some game-related reward, usually in the form of various permanent or temporary advantages. Eras are periods of a game flow, usually around two standard months long unless otherwise stated.

Getting Involved!
Not only are the races composed of a certain community of players but they are also completely run and fully controlled by them. Each new player gets the chance to meet lots of new friends from the whole world. He may become a part of the ruling government of the race if he shows fully his activity and abilities. The involved players get a taste of participating in a virtual functioning political body under the leadership of a one leading representative; usually the most experienced or the most influential player in the race that is elected to his office by all of the respective members of the race. wins the elections by gaining of the biggest amount of votes from the citizens.

The Galaxy awaits you, Your Majesty!
There exists various titles for the superpower’s leader and every single race has its unique political structure. It is the leader who usually appoints other members of the government – his vice and ministers. This political body has to care about various home or foreign agenda. It has to take a part on important negotiations with close allies or bitter enemies whereas it has to care about the citizens of the race constantly. Every newly incoming player may in a short time reach the top of this social ladder.


Final Summary
As it was written above, Eraversum is not just an ordinary web browser game because it contains lots of innovative and unorthodox solutions. It is a sophisticated political system, novel economic production and dynamic intergalactic relations which make the game so special and which raise it up to the new level of web gaming. Eraversum offers endless challenges and it is only up to the players to face them.