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Evidyon - No Man's Land Free Open Source MMORPG

by evidyon


Evidyon – No man’s Land is a free to play and opensource 3D MMORPG, this higly addictive Mmorpg have all you want from a commercial game; fast-paced PVP; lot of contents, Guilds, Dungeons, Geosids, Partys, and more than 60 lvls to explore!

What is Evidyon?

Evidyon – No Man’s Land is an indie 3d online RPG developed and published by www.evidyon.es, released under GPLv3 license.

We’ve worked for years while attending our tasks for a fast-paced, interactive and highly addictive game. We have released limited tests–pre-alpha, alpha and pre-beta–to date and, with all of the programming completed, we are pushing hard to get a working, stable game online. (Evidyon name and trademark are copyrigthed by Karl Gluck www.evidyon.com).