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Final Crusader

by FC

These are troubling times. The King is looking to go to war and has asked the Lord of your estate to lead the crusade for him. However, your Lord is faced with a dilemma. He needs more warriors before he can act in any sort of war and so has come to ask for your assistance to join him in the crusade. You, being a loyal subject, are honored by his request and eagerly accept the challenge. Now, you must prove your courage as you battle your way throughout the crusade.

Beware, not all whom you meet on your quest may be as noble and trustworthy as you. Some may have simply joined the crusade for their own personal gain with little or no loyalty to the cause. Yet fear not, as along the way you will find as many allies as foes. Protect yourself at all times, train diligently and do not blindly trust strangers. Improve your stats, polish your skills and keep upgrading your weapons, so that when the time comes to battle, you can face your enemies with a heart full of courage and a body of steel. Your goal is to grow your player to the highest level and complete the crusades that are put in front of you, in order to fulfill your ultimate destiny to become the Final Crusader.