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Gamekiss Freestyle Football

by Kirito

Freestyle Football is one of the  sports games of GAMEKISS. In Freestyle Football you don’t control a whole team instead you only control a single player on the pitch, where every move you make can change the game. You need to create and join a team to play a match. It’s only a 4v4 match that’s why all of the players will play a vital role in the match. You can choose from 3 different positions; MF, DF and FW. All has its own strength and weaknesses. You need to reach the maximum level so you can choose from 3 different specialization of each position.

Player may also learn new skills and develop a unique style for their character. Create a dynamic free style of play by mixing and matching your own skills and tactics. Players may also customize their character by choosing from different attires to wear, cool hairstyles, costumes, celebrations, and many more. These things can carry your swag to the pitch.