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Guardian of the Lore

by GotLore

Guardian of the Lore is a free persistent browser-based game.

Throughout history, wars repeat themselves in various times and places. From these wars, stories of heroes are handed down from generation to generation. Weathered by rumors and the passing of time, the truth may be forgotten, the reality buried under the legends.

Many years ago, a war seethed and erupted within the land of Excalibre. Battle songs cried out for decades until finally ending when both sides laid down their weary arms. The war had exhausted the people's strength, their kingdom's resources, and the will of the soldiers. With no winning blow struck, rumors kindle the flames still growing in the old Kings hearts that the battle, though the grounds are silent, still continues.

As you level, increase your traits to develop your character exactly the way you battle and thrive. Not bound by any class specifics you are free to make the warrior that will get you to the top. Blend the art form of swords and might with the elements of fire, water, earth and air to change the lore.

The Battles
Take up arms in the quest to become the Guardian. The game will blend both real time and text based battle systems in your race to become the Guardian of the Lore. You will choose the action and your choice will either cause you to win or lose the battle!

Your Trades
Fish to pass to the time - watch and learn the fishes pattern. Mine to get the materials - careful as you dig and be sure to secure the weak spots. Craft to get the gold - follow the directions and add your own special touch.

Own Goal
Every 5 days time in Excalibre stands still and history remains locked. Warriors and heros battle between one another to take the title and the power. In the end, one stands with a victory and the power to change the past, present and future of the realm! This sole person will be...the Guardian of the Lore.