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Junk Battles

by AnticEnt

Junk Battles is a free-to-play browser game that combines action and strategy with collectible card mechanics to deliver a fast paced real time battle with other players around the world. Battling earns your pilot experience, loot and more!

Set in a post apocalyptic world you are a pilot that cruises the world of Brokin in search of parts for your rig or worthy (sometimes not so worthy) opponents to battle. Collect and build rigs with over 260 parts (with more coming every update), 80+ modifications and loads of avatar items. The customization is limitless!

Bring on the post apocalyptic pain!


Collect it! http://static.junkbattles.com/img/ui/screen2.jpg

Build it! http://static.junkbattles.com/img/ui/screen3.jpg

Battle it! http://static.junkbattles.com/img/ui/screen1.jpg