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Just Launched!

by Top Online MMORPG Team

Welcome to TopOnlineMMORPG.com !

Please excuse the missing sections, we are actively working to improve the website with lots of features. You will surely notice that this is not the common top list site you find everywhere. We are trying to build something different here, that will focus more on player feedback and will allow game owners to present news and promotions of their games easier. During the next few days, categories names may change and new features may appear as they are finished. Feel free to email us any suggestions of features you wish for! Really, we will consider all of your suggestions.


Our moderators are constantly adding new games to the list, if your game is already on the list and you want to edit it, please send us an email from your game domain and server and we will transfer ownership of the account to you as soon as we verify you.


If you are adding a new game, please add a header image for it and install the voting link/banner on your site so your game will receive votes. If you can not find a suitable category for your game and it is a multiplayer online game, download-able or browser based, please email us your desired category and we will consider it for addition.


If you have played any of the games listed here, please share your impression about it by writing a comment or a full review about it.


Thank you, and I hope you will enjoy this new MMORPG top list.


Happy Valentine's Day!

14 Feb 2010

TopOnlineMMORPG Team