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by honos1

Kingdoms To Conquer -

In kingdoms you gather your resources by building buildings such as farms and gold mines.  You use this money to buy fighting units or defensive castles to go out and attack other players and take thier lands.

Very basic cocept with lots of diverse politics driven by a player community as opposed to AI.  There are no level limits.  If you get wiped out you can choose a new location and you are given resources to start again. 

There are no unit limits.  An army may be 10 peasants and a monk.  There may be a large empire that builds to thousands in thier armies.  Plagues, assassinations, rumors, politics, are all instigated by other players save for a few items meant to balance game play. 

There are NO formal alliances or factions.  Just you and whatever friends or enemies you decide to make. 

Play on your coffee break at work and leave when you need to without worries.  The game is always on.  Resource ticks happen every 10-15 minutes so you can always toy with buying castles or units and can attack another player with the battle lasting only seconds.  This is a leisure game that is meant for old strategy buffs. 

Think of a low keyed AOE type game and you will have the concept down.

Version 1.0 releases April fools day at noon.