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by chronicpc

MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Mafia Browser Game


Wake up in an alley, bum $100 and start committing crimes to work your way up in the criminal underground. The goal is to collect enough money to buy houses, businesses, weapons etc and eventually become the Godfather! Do you have want it takes to be the Godfather?


It's free to sign up, and free to play forever.


Awesome features of the game:

Explore many areas

PVP with other members

Start your own crime family (gang)

Earn weapons and equipment

Train yourself in the gym

Work a normal job that pays you ever day (real time)

Chat with other players via the shout box, via forum or private messages

Low jail wait times, gear that reduces wait time and fast energy recharge

Run your own business and allow members to purchase stock of your business

Own real estate (increases your will)

Start your own player shop to sell your wares to other mafiosos

Play slot machines / gamble

Bank your cash for interest

Literally hundreds of other features