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by Margonem

Margonem is a retro, 2D, multiplayer, fantasy game with a huge world to explore. You will find here:

  • 6 different professions to choose;
  • About 300 main locations to explore;
  • 9 cities to visit;
  • About 300 quests to accomplish;
  • Thousands of NPCs to talk to;
  • About 200 different types of monsters to slay.

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Main features:

  • Different monsters classes (elite, elite II, hero, titan);
  • Different items classes (unique, heroic, legendary);
  • Skill system;
  • Turn based fight system;
  • Party fights,
  • PvP;
  • Guild wars and pacts;
  • Auctions and trade;
  • Diverse terrain;
  • Multiple chats and integrated forum.