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by Megalomania


The object of the game is to begin on a planet alongside a maximum of 30 other players who are each in command of their own country. The planet begins in the stone age with little technology and little in terms of weaponry however research progresses the planet through the various ages. Stone, Bronze, Iron, Medieval, Industrial, Modern and finally the Space Age. Each country researches individually and the race for the latest technological advances in weaponry and other fields leads to the planets surge through the ages.

Once the planet reaches Modern Age the space race begins and the possibility to colonise planets nearby becomes a reality. Megalomania is home to a rich galaxy which is home to various planet types with possibilities of new technology and their moons with different asteroid types. Players can then invade each others planets however first they must discover each other in space.

Megalomania works by a tick each hour with another tick at the end of the day. There is a rounds system which sees the universe reset upon the beginning of a new round.

Game Universe

The universe itself is inhabited by approximately 2000 planets. Each planet has its own name with planets which are opened for new members having the most unique. There are Green, Desert, Ice, Rocky, Ocean and Dark Planets each with their own unique technologies. These planets have moons and in their star systems are also asteroids and antimatter asteroids which can be mined. In terms of man made structures groups of players can create jump gates with a main network which speeds up space travel considerably and space stations hang around planets like small moons.

Game Goals

The game has only one goal, to ensure its members feel at home, enjoy themselves and hopefully help contribute to what has been 5 years of good community spirit.


The game began in 2005 with one planet open and 30 players. After the first round players suggestions saw improvements in gameplay and space enlarged to ten times its previous amount. The games development finished in 2008 for a period due to the programmer having little time however in 2009 a new development team took over the game thus ensuring its continued advancement.

Developer's story

I began my development on Megalomania as a player back in 2005/2006. I registered and had a knack for finding glitches in the game and did a little bit too much exploiting (which I'm sure many browser based gamers are very very familiar with) which gained me the attention of the admins. I offered to help with finding issues and resolving them alongside managing the community and it worked out very nicely with me eventually taking over the running of the game due to the administrator having to leave. This year I also have passed on the reigns of administrator to an eager member of the game and want to encourage all of our members to have their input to the community. If you'd like to join the game then please do say hello in our chat. - Richard (in game: Ennui)