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by meridianmu

Website: https://meridianmu.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/official.meridianmu/
Forum: http://forum.meridianmu.com
Our Vision: 
To be a nonprofit server, we provide state of the art long term services to the public. Donation for credits will be used to keep the server up and running to further develop our products and services. We assure that players get 10 times more than what they donate for as a courtesy to their support and loyalty. Part of the profit generated will be given back to the Meridian MU community by throwing away events, raffles and more. Meridian MU will also support a certain charity institution in the future and cooperate in public service.

Our Mission: 

To provide the best gaming experience to our community for the longest time possible. We aim to achieve the satisfaction and premium support for our players. With this, we also strive to provide you with the best services plug and play for easy accessibility. Our development team is pro-active in finding the best up to date features for the benefit of the server and the players. 

Community Support:
And also for community support, such as hack and scam cases, or simple gaming problems. We support the in game community to create a good environment for all ages. We also have a pro-active forum staff who will be there to provide answers to questions and make our forum community a good place to hang out and share your thoughts in.


Server version : Season 6 Episode 3
Experience: 500x
Drops: 50%
ML Exp: 50x
Max ML : 200
Point Per Level : 5/7
Max Stats: 32767

Reset level: 400
After reset: stats clear (burns)
Reset free points BK, SM, ELF, SUM, RF: 500 * Resets
Reset free points MG, DL, : 600 * Resets
Reset reward: 5 mCoins / Reset
Reset limit: 300
Reset Zen: 10 000 000 (10kk) * Resets

Phantom Soldier : Till 250
Reconnect System: ON ( It will reconnect you if you get DC )
Webshop: ON
Cashshop: ON 
Auto Party: ON
Level 380 Items Drop Map: La Cleon
Potion Delay: 0.5 Second
Mu Helper : Level 80 ( cost 1000* level )
Guild Create: 250
Excellent Ancient: ON
Excellent Socket: ON

Character Requirements
Magic Gladiator : 220
Dark Lord : 250
Rage Fighter Can be created using ticket @ cashshop
Summoner Can be created using ticket @ cashshop

Chaos Machine Rates:

+ 10 : 90% with Luck + 25%
+ 11 : 85% with Luck + 25%
+ 12 : 85% with Luck + 25%
+ 13 : 80% with Luck + 25%
+ 14 : 70% with Luck + 25%
+ 15 : 60% with Luck + 25%

Wings Creation:

Wings Level 2 : 90%
Wings Level 3 : 50%
Cape of Lord: 90%

Jewel Rates:

Jewel of Bless : 100%
Jewel of Soul: 50 / with luck 75%
Jewel of Life: 75%

Party Settings:

With Same Class in a party
2 members in a party: - 10% exp
3 members in a party: - 5% exp
4 members in a party: + 10% exp
5 members in a party: + 15% exp
(when 2 same races in PT , example: BK+BK+SM+MG+SUM)

Golden Party
With different class in a party
3 different character classes in a party: + 20% exp
4 different character classes in a party: + 35% exp
5 different character classes in a party: + 50% exp
(when different races in PT , example: BK+ELF+SM+MG+SUM)

InGame Quests and Events

Devil Square (1-7)
Blood Castle (1-8)
Chaos Castle (1-7)
Chaos Castle Survival Event
Illusion Temple Renewal
Imperial Fort Event
Double Goer (Doppelganger)
Castle Siege
Loren Deep
Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
Golden Monster Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Battle Soccer
Kalima (1-7) Event
Kanturu Event
LaCleon Event
Santa Village Event
Halloween Event

Command List:

Ingame Commands Info
/offtrade - eCoins Personal store offline mode (can be use at Noria/Devias map only)
/post <message> - can be use from lvl 1 and its cost 10k zen
/requests <on/off> - allows you to enable/disable incoming requests(pt, trade and etc)
/setparty <password> - allows you to set pass to your pt. whisper the pass to the leader to join the pt
/addstr , /addagi , /addvit , /addene , /addcmd - allows you to add specific amount of points
/prop <PlayerName> - allows you to send a wedding proposal(can be use at devias2 near the podium)
/accept - allows you to accept wedding proposal(Homosexual wedding is not allowed)
/teleport - allows you to teleport to your spouse
/war <GuildName> - allows you to start a guild war(only for guild masters)
/endwar <OpponentGuildName> - allows you to end active guild war(only for guild masters)
/battlesoccer <GuildName> - allows you to invite guild to a soccer game at arena(only for guild masters)
/socstop - allows you to stop a soccer game(only for guild master on active soccer game)