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Ministry of War

by snailgamesusa

  • Play Anywhere you can access a Web Browser, no download required.
  • Persistent MMO-RTS gameplay, with multiple forms of real-time PvE and PvP combat!
  • Choose one of four Ancient Civilizations (Rome, China, Persia, and Egypt), then join the epic Civilization vs -Civilization (CvC) warfare
  • Progress your individual Civilization through our five Ages (Savage, Dark, Feudal, Castle, and Empire)
  • Join a Guild and start occupying one of the World’s 53 Contested Zones.  Occupy a Contested Zone and fly your Guild’s flag for all the world to see.
  • Strive to be acknowledged on our website’s daily CZ Wars Recaps
  • Build Outposts in your Civilization’s controlled CZs to control the World with strategic points of defense.
  • Level-up Heroes, Merchants, and Missionaries as you build, trade, and battle across the globe.
  • Compete in multiple types of PvP Arena combat (1v1, 2v2, and more) with our automatic Matchmaking service
  • Win Arena battles to earn powerful Gear for your Heroes
  • Tackle the NPC Bosses in Lairs either by yourself or alongside friends to gain valuable Exp and Rewards
  • Compete in PvP combat to unlock our thorough our powerful Talent system, further specializing your player.
  • Plunder enemy cities to steal valuable resources and gold
  • Trade with your Merchants to accumulate vast wealth
  • Use Religious Sites and Missionaries to spread your cultural influence and receive production bonuses.

Play Now, No Download Required