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Naruto Revenge of the Fallen


Starting at level 100 for free our players must face the challenges of fighting to become the best ninjas.

Featuring an unique crafting system in all of byond, you can collect materials to make, enhance and sell your items! Check out the screen shots for a peek of what the game is capable of.

With our Ranked Battle Arena system you are sure to find an opponent at any time, and our new Rebirth system will ensure our players an endless potential of evolving. Our unique, lagless NPC, will be part of your journey as they even fight alongside you throughout the game.

Our game will also have "Shunshin Delay" to balance the game out more. You will never forget the experience of playing the game, come and try it out!

Capture The Flag: Both teams are separated into Red and Blue, the objective is to capture the opposing teams flag and bring it back to your respective base and place it. You will only gain a score if your flag is there when you are about to place the opposing teams flag.

Team Death Match: Players are placed on different teams, Red and Blue. Basically a team battle to the death, where only the final members of the team standing will win and receive a reward for killing off their enemies.

Kill The King: Players are divided into two teams, Red and Blue, each team will receive a King. It is the guards duty to protect their king and assassinate the enemy teams King.

Search and Destroy: Players are divided into two teams, Red and Blue, each member of their respected team is responsible for Defending their base while others go to seek and destroy the enemy teams Base.

Ladder Tournemnet: A one on one fight to the death, where only the strongest can claim the glory!

Capture the object : Players are divided into two teams, Red and Blue, each time is responsible for capturing an area on the map, secure it and capture more until victory has been grasped.

Free For All: A massive free for all brawl.

Great Ninja: Set your differences aside and come together to defeat Madara's pawns, the White Zetsus!