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Nations Under Fire

by havanuf

Nations Under Fire is a free persistent browser based nation simulation game that allows the player to role play as the ruler of a nation and govern its political, economical and military affairs in an effort to become the most powerful nation in the game. This goal is accomplished by constructing buildings, creating military forces, researching technologies, buying and selling of goods, and destroying your enemies in military combat.

You are not alone in this ever evolving game world and other players are here to make sure you do not take over as a sovereign leader. You may not be able to take over the world on your own, so form alliances to crush your opposition one nation at a time, or by striking down on the entire alliance at once. The game has an in-depth technology structure to allow customized game play. Begin your adventure today and reign as the ultimate ruler of a Nation Under Fire.

The game allows the player to play the game as their play style dictates. If war and conflict is your desire, then attack enemy nations to either keep them suppressed, or to utterly destroy them with your military forces. If on the other hand you prefer a more solitude lifestyle, the game supports a peace mode that will allow a nation to grow without the threat of invasion or loss. Fear not, as the game will allow any player to switch between the two different play modes every so often as the player strategy changes according to the every changing and evolving game world.