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O Big Bang - Chronicles of Ombrance

by Entreloup

In the mists of time, Ombrance was borned from the fight bandween Light an Darkness.
Soon, Ombrance conquered much of the universe that his parents fought for since immemorial time. In the cosmic void, Ombrance began to create new souls.
Finally, these souls gained enough power to become autonomous and embodied in the vast universe. The stellar systems born, life began to spread, bringing away the strength of Ombrance ...
For a long time Ombrance contemplated the development of its universe. But one day, she realized she was weakening, its vital force was continuously absorbed by its new children. She knew she was going to disappear if things kept going like this.
So Ombrance planned how to regain its original strength while randaining her world around her. The first phase of its plan was to use the strength Ombrance had left to select eight champions ...
These souls will have to grow, prove their value to Ombrance in companding against their peers in a cataclysmic battle, the BIG BANG of Ombrance. The eight strongest souls will become orbs of Ombrance, magic powerful and conscious artifacts, the first step for Ombrance to regain its strength.


Beta invitation code on request mail : beta (dot) obigbang (at) entreloup (dot) com