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Path to Pelantas

by Goffdahl

Path to Pelantas is a unique addition to the world of browser games. It is a text-based game made by Danish developers Glorious Games. Inspired by various sports management games, this is a game using the manager concept but in a fantasy setting.

Path to Pelantas is a game for those who don’t have much time. You don’t need to play for several hours a day to do well in the game. Usually it is enough with one login a day. In this way Path to Pelantas differs from the majority of other browser games on the market, which all require a lot of online time and full dedication.

Most events in the game are scheduled on a weekly basis, and you don’t need to be online at specific times. You may plan most actions in advance and then log in later on to see how things worked out. So, it’s just like a sports management game, where you appoint orders for your players and then they do the rest of the work.

Homestead management

In the game you play the role as the ruler of an entire homestead. With the title as lord comes the responsibility to make sure the homestead prospers and a lot of citizens settle down. People from far and near will join your homestead according to how great you have been doing as the ruler. You will also have to collect gold through taxes from your inhabitants.

Hero management
Of utmost importance is your role as the leader of your heroes. Each homestead will attract hopeful heroes wishing to fight under your banner. You start off with 10 randomly generated heroes of different race and with different weapons and skills. There are four races in Path to Pelantas; humans, elves, orcs and dwarves and all races have different pros and cons.

You must appoint your heroes for different tasks so they will gain experience and increase in level and skills. They all fight to become worthy of the ultimate honour; an afterlife in Pelantas and the path they have chosen is that of battle!


The most important part of the game is the weekly arena battle against another lord’s heroes. Each homestead fields five different heroes who will fight according to your orders. The battles are fought each Saturday at 16 CET and they last for approximately 15 minutes. It is possible to follow the battles live with the built-in battle viewer which will show the battle step by step. But you don’t have to be online at battle time. You may always log in later on and watch the battle in its entirety

The winner of the battle is the homestead who has killed most of the opponent’s heroes when the battle is over. If the battle ends in a stalemate it will continue until the next kill. All homesteads participate in a grand tournament and after each season winners and losers are promoted and relegated according to their performance.

Other features

Besides battles there are other features in the game. Each week you will get a new and unique quest. With a small introduction text it is your task to try to figure out which skills might be needed to accomplish the quest. You will then choose one single hero who will venture out and return in a few days - hopefully successful.

If the quest is accomplished, the hero will earn lots and lots of experience and he will even bring home gold back to your homestead.

You may also send your heroes into the wilderness to track down and slay hideous and dangerous monsters. There are numerous monsters to find and it is very prestigious to kill the hard ones. Killing monsters will earn you gold and hunt respect, which will attract many new inhabitants. Besides, it will earn you points on the hunt rankings.

When you send a hero on a hunt you may choose to send him searching for a random monster or a specific one. Some monsters are very easy to find while others are extremely rare. If the hero does not find what he is searching for in 5 days, he will return home crestfallen.

The game is unique because you don’t have to play for hours and hours to do well and climb the ranking. You will do well with logging in in your lunch break and when the food is in the oven. The game is very addictive, though, and will most likely keep you entertained for months or even years.