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Pockie Saints

by ngamesltd

Origin of the World

Before the world is created, the whole universe are in chaos among which God of Order Isus and God of Chaos Kreel are born. And the world becomes enriched. However, their powers are too mighty to be endured. The world begins to crack.

To stabilize the new world, Isus decides to seal Kreel. He deceives Kreel into drinking the holy wine and attacks him while Kreel is drunk. In the fight, the gem of Kreel's Sword is dropped and into the mortal world.

Finally, Isus wins but he finds out his battle with Kreel has made the new world even worse. It ‘s too fragile to endure this power by himself. To prevent the new world from being destroyed, Issue decides to seal himself with Kreel.

Isus detaches the World Origin from Kreel and put it into the shaped combination of mud and water. Thus, lives are created. Thanks to World Origin, these lives have souls, and able to learn and evolve, but they can never get rid of emotional problems.

Isus takes out a part of his power and creates 12 gods. But they have no souls, so they can’t do absolute justice. Isus let them manage the world.

Isus finds out his remaining power can only allow him to seal Kreel, so he hands over Kreel's sword to 12 Gods and asks them to seal it. Later on, he asks the 12 Gods to build a castle named City of Clouds on the seal. 12 Gods live in the castle and guard the sword.

After finishing all these, Isus seals himself with Kreel and fall intoeternity sleep.


Zodiac Lord Gods

Zodiac Lord Gods divide a year into 12 parts, so they each only need to take charge of one part. To help people better distinguish them, they decide to choose a star to represent their status. The 12 stars are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

When the star the god chooses appears on the right above of the sky, the god will drop oracle. People who are born during this period will get God's marks on their bodies, have their characters influenced and will be blessed and sheltered by the God.


The Three Empires

Isus, the god of order, was fighting Kreel, the god of chaos. The gem on Kreel’s rapier was knocked down to human’s world and grew up into a giant tree on the peak of Henan Mountain, which was later referred to as the Tree of World.


Glory Empire

Tree of World is releasing chaotic power which disturbs people’s peaceful mind. The seed of chaos is already planted in the mind of people who live nearest to the Tree, they are no longer obedient to the order. They start to feel uncomfortable with their world controlled by the gods once they believed in. They built a city on the mountain, hoping to get rid of god’s control. This city was then called Glory City, after the name of the empire.


Star Empire

Star Lake is located in the south of the land, and there is a giant Tree of Wisdom at its center. It was said that people who live on the Tree were more intelligent, so people all flocked there and built up a city. Star Lake is far from the Tree of World, yet is influenced by the power of chaos. People here oppose to what Glory Empire does, as they think the perfect status is the balance between chaos and order. People of this idea gather together and built the Star Empire around the Tree of wisdom.


Dark Empire

North land was pulled into pieces by the strong gravity from City of Clouds. Among those pieces, there was a huge island, the closest place to Lord God, where people all obey the will of the Lord God. Night is much longer than day there, hence the name of Dark Island. All devoted believers around the world come here to build a city as their praise to god, and call it City of Rage. These believers bath in the halo of order, their faith is firm like the dark night here, so eventually a Dark Empire was established.


Medals & Holy Blade

The chaos power from Tree of World is constantly eroding Zodiac Lord Gods’ bodies, but they have no way to copy with it, because most of their power is spent on the seal of the holy blade. Knowing that they will fall into the infinite slumber when their bodies are occupied by the chaos power, they decide to borrow the power from the mortal world in the hope that they will wake up one day.

Hence, Zodiac Lord Gods pass a part of original power to the mortal world and gives the oracle that the original power should be made into medals. As these medals contain the Gods’ original power, they can absorb the order power and grow up with their owners. When the medals absorb enough order power, they pass the power to the Zodiac Lord Gods. When the order power they get is strong enough to beat the chaos power, they will wake up.

Finally comes the day. Zodiac Lord Gods falls asleep and Tree of World withers with its trunk becoming Tower of Babe at the top of Henan Mountain. The holy blade thus breaks away from the seal and falls into the mortal world. Witnessing its birth, people from Three Empires seek for it, desiring to dominate the world with its power……


Holy Blade Falling to Mortal World

The annual blessing day is finally coming. People from Three Empires rush to the church, praying in front of the statues of constellation to express their devout faith

However, a sharp sound shatters the peace of the continent.

People look up into the sky, trying to find what happen, but only to find a gigantic fire ball plunging from the sky. With a great explosive sound afterwards, the whole continent starts to shake and the statues of constellation break at the same time! They look round and find the medals in their hands are dim. At this moment, the strongest men from the three empires are looking at where the fire ball drops.

Blade of Chaos –Kreel’s Glory arrives in the mortal world. Legend has it that who gets the blade can rule the world!

A bloody storm is going to sweep the continent……