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Producers & Traders

by Cain

Producers & Traders is an economy simulation where you slip in to the role of a manager of your own enterprise. On one hand it is possible to purchase products and sell to the population of Schottertal and on the other hand you can produce your own products and offer them as well in the stores. To produce your own products you can build farms, mines and factories. Research for new raw materials or additional products and increase the quality and the reputation of your goods and stores. Join together in a consortium with other players and arrange the supply and production chains for the perfect product manufacturing beginning from a basic raw material to high quality products.
To be constant successfully you have to arrange the structures of your company logical and efficient by yourself or with the help of your consortium members. To guarantee a long-term motivation you will receive new products and buildings as soon as you reached the next manager level.

At the moment Producers & Traders offers:
-    25 various production buildings
-    25 different stores and markets
-    Already over 200 products with a constantly increasing product portfolio
-    4 vehicle with different loading capacities and speeds
-    Training system for the staff
-    Detailed balance sheet and statistics
-    Additional benefits through premium account

Register today and start with your own manager career to become one of the biggest and triumphant Producers & Traders has seen.