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Secondearth: Faction Wars

by gutkase

Welcome to the world of secondearth. In the year 3101 humanity realized that the Earth was dying, and that a new home for the human race needed to be found. All three of the Continental Unions (The Eurasians, the Eastasians, and the United Americas) sent many probes scouring the galaxy in search of new hospitable planets. In 3103 the Eastasians found just such a planet. This new planet was named EA-400. Within 3 months, all of the major Unions found out about EA-400 due to the extreme amount of espionage that perveyed society. Within 2 years, all of the Unions had a ARK-type veseel launched, all with the same destination EA-400. All three vessels had accomplished the task of landing on this far-away world and began setting up colonies in the year 3105. Immediately after landfall, a massive solar flare eminated from the new planet's star, destroying all communications equipment, and much of their life-sustaining technology. The three Unions were forced to start anew, using whatever resouces they could gather or scavange. When the Unions started exploring their new environment, they were surprised to find a race of indiginous people,the Kalaktu. The settlements gathered what resources they could and carved out their niche on the new planet. The year is 3203 and it is your chance to take part in the early days of the settlements, when faction lords openly and visciously feuded with opposing lords in an attempt to stake their claims in the new world. Choose between the Eurasians, Outlanders, Kalaktu, or UnitedAmericans in your quest for dominance. SecondEarth: Faction Wars is a free to play browser-based strategy game. All of the combat in the game is player vs. player. Some of the features include: Guilds -- Stronghold Siege -- Many upgrades / advancements -- Multiple offensive and defensive unit types -- Profile pictures -- and more..... Best of all, it is and always will be completely free to play.


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