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Shikihime Garden

by jimmytran

Shikihime Garden’s Overview:

Shikihime Garden is an original hybrid browser-based game of gardening and deck-building embedded with RPG elements where players must foster lovely Shikihime (female characters with magic abilities), take care of beautiful gardens and collect a variety of cards through numerous battles. The game combines turn-based card combat and simulation gameplay with exploration and quests. Collect Shikihime, grow your garden, subjugate monsters, team up with your friends and get ready for the most exciting and pleasant adventure as ever! 


Shikihime Garden’s Key features:

Lovely Shikihime staying, playing, eating and… sleeping in the garden for real

Abundant of beautiful items to decorate the garden

A variety of collectible charming Shikihime and hideous monster cards built with well balance for building decks

Unique combination modes to craft more powerful and rare cards

Extremely difficult boss battles for encouraging team cooperation

Multi-level quests suited for all players to get valuable loots and reach new battlefields

No booster packs! Obtain powerful cards through time, patience, and luck!

Free-to-play, no downloaded needed!


Website: http://skgen.aprts-games.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shikihime.garden.en


Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs4fNXJckNQ