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So what kind of game is Picaroon?

by Picaroon
Well, it’s a massively-multiplayer real-time strategy (MMORTS). If you already know about MMORTSs, then you can skip forward a paragraph. If you don’t, well, it’s a strategy game like Risk(R) but where everyone gets to take their turn when they wish to. Additionally, there are more players. Instead of 6, there can be hundreds and hundreds of players. On top of that, instead of a game that spans an evening, games of Picaroon can last weeks. As well as exploring the world, building settlements and fleets, you can form alliances with other players (or just sink their ships and burn their settlements, of course, should diplomacy not be your thing!). Various third parties such as independent pirates, whirlpool wormholes and traveling salesman roam the open seas looking for victims or customers. You enhance your game with specials. These are like a magic deck of cards, each of which has a feature such as forcing a volcano to erupt, laying a minefield or quadrupling construction speed for an hour on a settlement. By taxing your settlers, you can raise the in-game gold to purchase one of several random decks of cards. If you wish, you will be able to use our secure micro-transaction system to buy more specific decks of cards to enhance your game. Oh, and there is the unique end-game… a huge battle where the skies go darker, the roulette wheels spin and giant, mammoth ships appear out of nowhere alongside submarines launching ancient nuclear tipped missiles…