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The Island RPG

by TheIsland


The native people of the island lived peaceful lives before the arrival of the Organisation – the name of which has never been learned. They remained oblivious to the sinister presence of the scientists and those they worked for at first, only realising the danger when, seemingly overnight, the island was cut off from the rest of the world by a force referred to as ‘the barrier’ – an energy field encompassing the island and one mile of water in each direction in an impenetrable bubble. Even communications were unable to reach outside those outside… The islanders were truly alone.

Shortly after that the disappearances started. In only a few days the town seemed thinned, people seemingly plucked randomly from their midst, many never to be seen again… and those that were… By the time the towns folk had realised the truth of what was happening – that they were being used as lab animals for inhumane experiments that left them little better than beasts and monsters – the Organisation had already established itself. By then too many loved ones were claimed for many to be brave enough to put up much resistance. The few that did were quickly made examples off.

Corralled in keeping pens deep within the impregnable Laboratory complex, the scant remaining native humans await their fate, having watched family members and loved ones plucked person by person. Some of those taken now roam the island, forever changed and desperately seeking out those that they knew, but many have died on the tables under the callous hands of their captors. Sacrifices in the name of science.

Running short of test subjects, the Organisation later took to supplementing their stock with outsiders, preying on the vulnerable – those desperate for money, or shelter – and those fleeing persecution; whether it be from the law, or something more ominous . Some were even taken against their will – bartered for from prisons and other such institutions. One thing remained the same between these incomers however, none knew what they were letting themselves in for…