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The Return of Magic Online

by mephistus
The Return of Magic Online is a free MMORPG based on turn-based old school rpgs.The game presents nostalgic graphics like 16-bit games.It is up to be able to pick up a character and freely interact with other players connected in the same world.There are several classes avaiable, each one with it's unique skills and magic habilitiesThe battle system is up to a party of five, that way is possible for a more strategic gameplay.There's a world map system included with a perspective effect found on old rpgs. The game is still on alpha test, so many many changes will come soon.For people who love that good old rpgs. [How to Play]: Please Read this carefully. Sign Up: The Return of Magic Online is a standalone program, that means you will have to download it and install in order to play the game online Check below the System Requirements for running The Return of Magic Online: - CPU: 1.0Ghz , 256 MB RAM (Recommended 1.5+ Ghz, 512+ MB RAM) - 20 Mb Harddisk space (Recommended 50MB) - Windows 98,ME,2000,XP,Vista or 7 - an active internet connection.(A Broadband Connection Recommended) Follow these steps and you'll be playing the game in a few minutes. STEP 1: SIGN UP Click on the link SIGN UP and fill your personal and account information. Don't forget to fill any the required fields. After you successfully sign up, you will receive an email containing your account details and an activation link. Click the link to activate your account. STEP 2: DOWNLOAD GAME CLIENT Go to DOWNLOAD page, and select the desired mirror for the game installer. Click in the link to start downloading the installer. STEP 3: INSTALLATION Double-click installer, A screen will open showing initial information about the software who is about to be installed on your computer. Read the information carefully, then click 'Next >'. You will be asked for a directory to install the game. If you wish to change the install directory, type your desired directory in the box, or simply browse it clicking the '...' button, when you're done, click 'Next >'. In the next screen, just click 'Start' to install the game. STEP 4: PLAY Shortcuts will be created for the game in the Start Menu and in your Windows Desktop. Just open the shortcuts to start playing The Return of Magic Online! In-Game Instructions Controls: You can move your characters using the keyboard arrows UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT, or pointing the mouse and clicking with left button wherever you want to go. Actions: When you point the mouse arrow over some kind of objects, players or NPCs, the green marker will turns red. It indicates that an interaction is avaiable with that object, NPC or player. Just click with the right mouse button or double-click with the left mouse button for opening a list of interactions with the object. Overweight: When you open your [ITEM] menu, you can look at the Item Capacity. That shows the maximum number of items you can carry on your character. If you trespass that number, a red alert with pop out in the screen stating "Overweight". It's very dangerous carrying overweight items, your character will greatly lose speed and defense, and if you die or logout, you're going to lose all the items overweighted. If you are in overweight, try saving space for new items discarding or using the items you already have. Logging out: When you're about to log out or quit the game, use the [GAME MENU] option at the game menus, or or just press the ESC button on your keyboard. Select Log Out or Quit Game. Whenever you're in a hostile place, a message will show, saying you cannot log out in a hostile place. You must find the next village or non-hostile place to log out safely. If you force closing the game in a hostile place, you're going to lose exp and gold, along with many other penalties. If you have any difficulties or problems, contact us by mail: support@thereturnofmagic.com Or access our forums: Thereturnofmagic.com Copyright by NostalSoft, 2011. All Right Reserved.