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Times Square Settles in Libert

by wendyteng

Since its Open Beta is released, Business Tycoon Online has won great amount of favours and supports from worldwide players. To meet their desires, DOVOGAME will launch the fifth server 'Times Square' at 8:00 am, March, 1st. Enter this business world and hold absolute right in your world!

As one top business simulation browser game, Business Tycoon Online has attracted millions of players to swarm into Liberty City and start their businesses. At the same time, DOVOGAME accepted players' suggestions and a new version of Business Tycoon Online official site is available now!

More guides for new players have been added into this new version. Besides, for players' convenience, top players and top guilds on each server have been listed on the homepage of this new official site. In the future, DOVOGAME will go on improving the gaming environment according to players' suggestions.

To show our gratitude to players' support and enthusiasm, DOVOGAME also prepares 7 activities for all new players in Times Square. Rewards will be available in every step from registering to establishing a store. The rewards may be a VIP package, a Company Upgrade Package and even 1,000 Gold. Come on and get the start-up funds to keep ahead of all players!

Business Tycoon Online Intro

This is a browser game. Neither download nor installation is required. In Business Tycoon Online, one will act as an entrepreneur and get started from a small store. Aiming at expanding his store into multinational or continental company, one has to try his best to overcome all hardships, enlarge his business and enhance his social position.

Business Tycoon Online official site: http://bto.dovogame.com

Business Tycoon Online forum: http://btobbs.dovogame.com