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Travel around the World with B

by wendyteng

Find life boring? Cannot bear the repeated working? Come and travel with Business Tycoon Online. Here you can enjoy the charm of the most popular tourism resorts. Here, you will see fabulous natural or cultural landscapes. Drive your stylish vehicle to get your Gold! Don't miss traveling system in Business Tycoon Online!

Traveling System Intro
Overview the whole Liberty City in Business Tycoon Online and you may find a district called "Tourism Zone". From here you can drive to "the Nile", "Bali" or "Maldives". Also, you can take part in the theme traveling such as Melodious Concert, Rave Club or Rosebush Bar. To travel, you must have a vehicle, just a bicycle will do. Then, drive to your destination. Lucky players may be rewarded with Gold and Attribute Points.


Have boundless fun traveling with friends
Joys shared with others are more enjoyed. In Business Tycoon Online, You can travel with friends as long as your vehicle has enough seats. Traveling with friend, you can get both joy and Gold. Don't forget to tell them where to meet, or your tickets for them will be wasted.


Experience exotic cultures at home
It is very cool to drive your own car and travel around the world. However, tycoons care much about their businesses during absence. Keep in mind that your business will not be affected by your absence. Now, have a look at the scenery abroad.

The Nile Restaurant---Clear water, beautiful landscape and profound history, a grand banquet has been ready in the Nile.


Higanbana Ball---this is special for you to release yourself. Come here, throw off all worries and burn your energy!


Bali---Bali has the most appealing history. The sun shines over the beach. Various hotels and restaurants stand around you. Warm rooms and the whole nature welcome you.


In Liberty City, let your mind ramble in the sky with freedom, forget all worries, and have a trip around the world. As you like, you can dive and explore the vast ocean by your heart. Join Business Tycoon Online and travel around the world.

Business Tycoon Online official site: http://bto.dovogame.com/
Business Tycoon Online forum: http://btobbs.dovogame.com/