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Warring Factions

by duncecap

What is different about warring factions?

Warring Factions is not based on turns like traditional browser strategy games, but simulates a real time strategy environment. Everything you do in this game is instant. Functions that are bound to a time frame, for example ship building, are controlled by background logic tasks, most of which run every minute to give the game a real time appearance.

The complex economy for each colony is computed every game day or 24 real minutes. Battles are processed on demand, whenever a fleet attacks another. All ships fire once every battle tick, which happens every minute. Just like in other real-time strategy games, combat takes time, but happens in real-time. Other fleets can join an ongoing fight or overwhelmed combatants can try to retreat, giving combat a very real feel.

There are no obvious ticks or rounds for the player, everything happens "on the fly".



Detailed colony management that includes for every individual colony its own economical model, taxes, laws, infrastructure and buildings.

A completely open technology research system, with millions of combinations and a unique result every time.

Intelligent battle logic that is more than just an addition and subtraction. Every ship is matched up against the other in a complex battle algorithm, ensuring that strategy can defeat brute force.

Several factions to choose from, to fit your play style. Each one attracts a certain kind of player, and each side has its own flavor and strategy.

Player run empires that can cross factions, creating interesting diplomatic challenges and strategies.

Fully player-customizable space ships, from the drive down to the type of armor and how much you use.

Customizable user interface.

An integrated forum for players to interact, with private forums for discussing subjects with your empire or faction.

A truly 3-D universe viewable in VRML, HTML, or plain text, boasting over a million planets and a hundred thousand systems.

Tailor the universe. Using naming credits you can name the planets and stars, with an upload credit you can even change the look of them.