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Wind of Luck: Arena


A bit of tired of current offer of multiplayer games, I wanted to find something new in the MMORPG world, and so I’ve stumbled upon the "Wind of Luck: Arena". At the very beginning it was clear that I will not find here a fantasy world and imaginary creatures, but I also think it's time to finally get a break from it. Instead of elves and orcs, I entered into the realm of naval battles, but the ships were not of the latest technology, as well as in some competing titles. That's exactly what I was retained, because I was very interested to find out more about the history of shipbuilding and the types of ships that now we can only watch in the documentaries.

I must admit that I have not heard a lot about the producers of this game, nor have I played one of their previous games. The fact they lack of blockbuster titles does not mean they are not worthy of attention, quite the opposite. Full of enthusiasm, I registered and took over the installation version on your computer. As it stands, „Wind of Luck: Arena“ is centered on the naval battle - dynamic, decisive and devastating constant action where skillful captains can sink much bigger ships, using a wide variety of different tricks and unusual actions.

The game reminded me of "Pirates", an old hit from the Amiga 500, which younger readers probably have not even heard of. Once upon the time, it was a powerful machine on which I spent days and hours playing the hits - now for more than two decades old. On the developer's website I found the information that the latest patch was released and it corrects some shortcomings of the previous version. The news was confirmed by some other regular players on the official forum of the game. By the dynamics of publishing patches I can conclude that the studio is working hard to correct all deficiencies. So, I started the game, finding myself in the role of captain of a small ship, equipped with only basic weapons.

“Wind of Luck: Arena” features team Vs team battles, which allows many combinations. You can fight against random opponents or rather decide to train together with friends, sharpening your combat skills and exploring various locations (at the moment, only Archipelago is available, but several more are planned to come, including Aztec Gold and Lost Expedition). Battles are taking place in truly special seascapes. It offers not only a good spectacle, as well as the tactical challenge of a variety of battle conditions. The ship’s reflection, traces of its movement and the wind that fills the sails will make you feel like you're really in the middle of the naval battle.

After the battle, you will be awarded with points like fame, expertise and money. The game has its own currency called piasters, like in the old Venetian Republic. This money earned you may use combined with other assets to improve your existent ships and acquire new ones in the fleet. Every ship has its strong points and vulnerabilities, and even the small schooner can achieve victory against a heavy frigate. Actually, it reminded me of one of my favorite movies “Master and Commander”, so I found a lot of enjoyment playing this game.