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by twars

Roman tribes, is a strategy game, with thousands of players.

If you have played online games, such as Travian or Tribal Wars, TWars is just for you!
When you sign up for the game, you become the leader of a small Roman village.

as the leader of the Romans, you have to take care of the development of the city and the entire state. You need to build new buildings in the city (mines, shipyards, warehouses, defense wall). At the same time should ensure adequate defense of the city through the training units.
When you are the Roman republic you will develop dynamically, you must begin to recruit new Roman units such as (legions, cavalry, elephants, and battle fleet). The settlers will allow you to colonize new terrains. In the game you can fight with the barbarian tribes, you can join the military and economic alliances, research new technologies to make your legions stronger, which can inflict greater damage to the opponent.

Interesting and colorful maps of the world, will allow you to browse the remotest corners of the ancient world. In the pantheon, you can contact with the Roman gods, who are still dissatisfied, demanded new victims in the form of minerals. Systematic gifts will help satisfy them. If they are satisfied of your gifts (Jupiter, Cupid, Esckulap, Mars, Neptune, Vulcan, or Fortuna), they can give you magic spells (armageddon, destruction units, etc.) or bless your villages.

If you're interested of the TWars, join as and conquer new terrains!   At the beginning please read the tutorial and start your adventure in the world of war, adventure and magic ...