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ZettaMu Online Low Rate


A new MuOnline project, with serious reit. As we know, mostly all MuOnline servers have big rate, we offer you a MuOnline server with a low reit, good configuration, interesting, new opportunities. Website and forum based with english language, We will try to attract MuOnline players from many countries , to make game more interesting. Soon the website will be translated into many other languages, as well as the forum will be set up in different language sections where you will be able to consult on and around what is happening on the server.


Game Client you can start download now, client have already been prepared and completed. Have added the 3D camera, you can find in client folder the file 'addons' and edit it to add, sky effects, night, day effects, brightness item effects, fog effects. Have added many different client download links, you can choose the most convenient , as well have added torrent download link, which you can download the full client folder without any installation using a torrent download. Game Client you can download there.

Registration is open, you can sign up now and earn credits through the vote reward system, in which case you'll be some bonus on server grand opening, you can buy items or baffs to make level up faster. You can also use the referral system to get more credits, it works like this: you give your friend refferal link which you can find on the website "account panel" for each friend 5 resets you get some credits , so remember that a friend is required to register the server through your refferal link. In the same way you can also share your referral link in social pages to get more active referrals.


  • Version: Season 6 Episode 3
  • Experience: 75x, increased holiday experience, in other maps have bigger experience , like BC , DS
  • Drop : 30% , every day happen event when drop increased with 10 % until one hour
  • Point Per Level: 5/7/7
  • Reset: For every reset you will get a small bonus (credits) , reset price 10kk, each next resets +10kk zen, for example: first reset cost 10kk zen, next reset price will be 20kk. Stats clear each reset, for example: after first reset all your stats clear, but you get 1000 stat points, after second reset all stats clear , but now you get 2000 stat points.
  • Grand Reset: available make grand reset , for grand reset you get 3000 Gold Credits , but after grand reset you lose all your resets and stat points.
  • Bot Pet system work , create bot pet who will help you killing monsters.
  • Official Mu Auto Clicker working: for 5 minutes in use = 200k Zen
  • New, interesting event, soon we will add guides in forum for every event , where you can read how to participate on event and what you can win on that event
  • Cash Shop On: in Cash Shop you can buy for wcoins - buffs,wings,jewels,pets,accessory and other items.
  • Marry System Work Automatically: have special shop for married players , where can buy rings, necklaces, that will give you extra power.
  • And Much More

PS: Sorry if i have some mistakes, my english language not very good. Hope you understand me




We guarantee you an interesting game, responsive administration, interesting event, both in the game and by the administration, long term and stable server online 24/7


ZettaMu Grand Opening 18 January
Web: http://zettamu.com/